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Attention please! Learning at home?

Many students are learningfrm home at the moment. How can we help?

It is hard to concentrate when either working or studying from home. All that lovely stuff on the internet…all those fluffy kittens and Superdry bargains just a click away. They say nothing in life is free and so it is with the internet. Companies are competing for one very lucrative thing: Your attention. What chance do we have pitching our concentration against the mighty Google and Silicon Valley brains?

Give yourself and your family a helping hand with something like Freedom(subscription), Productivity Owl or focalfilter which is free. There is a good list here: https://www.topbestalternatives.com/freedom/ and there are more apps for phones in the app stores.

The idea is not to be draconian but to help yourself to stay focused and on

task when you are trying to work.

I tried Productivity Owl and set it up to block my favourite distraction sites during my working day. Yes, it drove me nuts but it did stop me “just wondering” or “just wandering”. Because I control myself it is far

more effective than someone telling me not to go shopping, offer my neighbour condensed milk or watch another Coronavirus music video.

And did you know that tasks take far longer if your phone is close – so put it in a different room whilst you are working. https://bit.ly/2WSDj61. Your brain will thank you.

Thank you for your attention.

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