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Girls at Recess

 March 2019

Technology has a place in the classroom.  Consider how it can be effective to achieve improved outcomes for young people.

Teacher and Kids in Library

April 2019

The Government has published a  strategy for education providers and the technology industry. It is designed to improve the use of technology in education. The strategy looks at the challenges that the education sector faces and promotes the role of technology in tackling some of them, It notes that technology, when used strategically can increase efficiency, support excellent teaching and improve student outcomes.

Smiling Girl with Book

April 2019

We know the imperative for digital literacy for work and home life. The Government has set out what this should look like. Expect qualifications to follow. In the meantime are we covering these with our children?

Staying safe online is a crucial skill for students and teachers alike.

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Guides for teachers on digital literacy, staying safe online, using WiFi safely and social media.